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Gregg Perez is a director and founder of Advisable.

With the team at Advisable, he consults on operational, financial and human resource issues for various companies ranging from policy and handbook creation to company restructuring. He also runs a podcast called "Please Be Advised" where they discuss business, law, and everything in between.


​Gregg is an accomplished Senior Executive and thought-leader with more than 20 years of success across the legal, risk management, and technology industries. He is able to leverage his extensive experience in business development and strategic growth to be a valuable asset for companies just starting out and working towards a successful launch or for established companies undergoing a transition. As a systems-oriented problem solver, he translates business vision into initiatives that improve performance, profitability, growth, and employee engagement. His broad areas of expertise include human resources, change management, operational oversight, process improvement, and risk management.


​His extensive work history includes Vice President of People and Culture at a global non-profit, Vice President of Operations and Human Resources of an Art Tech Startup, Director of Human Resources and Operations for a law firm, Chief Operating Officer for a business and entertainment law firm, Director of Human Resources for a Medical Laboratory, Director of Human Resources for a non-profit, and part of the Attorney General of NY task force for health reform. 


Gregg is also a former US Army Cavalry Scout where he did recon for forward operating bases and advancements. 

Articles by Gregg

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