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Coronavirus Safety Training Video

With the novel coronavirus infecting more than 17 million people worldwide one of the biggest questions has been about how children have been affected. According to data, children have been infected at lower rates, and they tend to have milder symptoms but this does not mean that they are immune and not at risk. A rising number of children have been exhibiting a mysterious multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which is now being called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C, that appears to be related to their body’s immune response to COVID-19 exposure. Now, a Chicago study published in JAMA Pediatrics this week suggests that small children infected with COVID-19 carry at least as much of the virus as adults do — if not much, much more.

With schools possibly getting ready to start in-person attendance in certain parts of the United States, employers should be concerned with the safety of their employees and their children. Could reopening schools lead to more community outbreaks if children and teachers become exposed to COVID-19 in classrooms, and then spread the virus to their families and your employees?

With these questions and concerns in mind, we have created a quick video to help teach young persons (and employees) safety protocols to help them stem the spread of coronavirus - you can check it out below. If you would like a copy of this video for yourself, your organization, or your staff please reach out to us!

About the author

As the founder of Advisable, Gregg Perez combines his love and passion to help law firms, start-ups, and companies of varying size reach their best potential with the experience gained from working with Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and start-ups. As a Director of Human Resources, COO, and consultant, he brings years of consulting and real life experience to the table for his clients. Gregg is also a former US Army Cavalry Scout and once beat Contra without the Konami Code.


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