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Will Sacha Baron Cohen be forced to pony up?

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

With former Senate hopeful Roy Moore suing Sacha Baron Cohen for $95 Million over his appearance on Showtime's Cohen led prank show Who Is America? we discuss the ins and outs of contracts and whether or not Mr. Moore has any chance in making Cohen pony up.

Moore appeared in the prank show’s third episode, which aired in July 2018. In the episode, Cohen—in character as Israeli anti-terrorism expert Col. Erran Morad—pulled out a “pedophile detector” on the disgraced former Senate hopeful. Moore has been accused of pursuing relationships with underage girls and of molestation, leading to his Senate dreams being dashed in 2017 by the accusations of sexual misconduct including assault of minors.  Moore has repeatedly denied all allegations against him—but that didn’t stop Cohen from bringing the allegations front and center during the prank, in which his meter started beeping the minute he turned it on Moore. The complaint cites defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and fraud—and Moore is seeking $95 million in punitive damages for the horsing around he was forced to suffer.

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