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Get Through the "Dog Days of Summer"

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Summer is approaching!....the days are getting longer.......the temperatures is rising....good times in the sun are coming....productivity is going south...wait, what? In baseball, the "dog days of summer" are one of the old time fears; for business, it's lowered productivity. Check out 3 tips to help keep your office swinging for the fences from Memorial Day thru Labor Day.

Keep It Summer Casual

Let’s be honest, business wear was not designed to be compatible with 90 degrees and 40% humidity. We’ve all experienced the issue of coming back to the office soaking in sweat after walking out to pick up your lunch. Offering your employees, a more relaxed dress code in the summer will go a long way to comfort and in turn, increase productivity.

Summer Fridays

There is almost nothing worse than watching the clock tick on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Its summer. People have places they want to go to. Going easy on the last day of the week can be a great way around the inevitable work slump. If you can’t afford to give up 1/5 of working hours a week, half-days are a good way to get people busting out a few solid hours of work before setting off for their weekend. Or, why not give people the option to work from home on Fridays? Studies have shown that working from home part of the time can energize a work force.

Food Bribes

If all else fails in your quest for summer productivity, you can always try to exploit your employees universal love of food. Offer hump day bagels, fruit smoothie Fridays, or if your office policy allows it, margarita Mondays. Nothing will bring up moral more than the promise of free food!

About the author

Rebecca Anapol is a Business Affairs Administrator at a Business and Entertainment Law Firm in New York. She has both prior legal and theatre design experience in the New York Area. She received her degree from SUNY New Paltz.She has previously worked assisting opera designers and has a love for all things theatre.

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