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Escape the Drudge of Your Day

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Some days it seems like the day will never end, minutes drag by, and you catch yourself checking the clock every five minutes. Finishing any work during these days seem impossible, but there are ways to counter this and get through the work day productively. Follow some of these tips to help you escape the drudge keeping you down during your day.

Make A List of Tasks

Keep track of everything you want to complete in your work day and week and take back your work time one task at a time. There's a reason why there are so many task apps out there and its a profitable business to have a good one. Having a list will help keep you motivated and energized as you cross items off; there are few things more satisfying at work then crossing things off "your list". Keeping a list will also help you remember what you still need to get done and plan for the future.

Take A Break

After you finish any major project, or even a minor but complex one, consider taking a little break. Giving yourself a break allows for an opportunity to unwind; grab a drink or snack, talk to a co-worker, maybe just go outside for a breath of fresh air. When you sit back down, you will be ready to get back to work with a clear head to tackle the rest of your tasks.

Stand Up

Experts have long been advising people to stand for at least 15 minutes every hour for health reasons. Get up, stretch those muscles, revitalize your brain. Your body and your work will thank you.

De-clutter Your Desk

Looking for something to do rather than watch the clock? Organize your desk. Keeping a clean desk will help clear your mind. Studies have shown that having clutter on your desk can negatively impact your ability to focus thus lowering productivity. By cleaning your desk you will be able to focus on your work more and increase productivity -- your parents actually had a reason for telling you to clean your room!

Put Your Phone Down

Move your phone away from you at the start of the day! Keeping it on your desk will tempt you to check it all day. Using your phone during the work day breaks concentration and decreases productivity as scientists in Korea have discovered during a recent study of over 450 workers. Candy Crush, Pokemon Go, and Instagram can be bad for productivity....who would have figured?

About the author

Izzy Thelen

Izzy Thelen is an operations intern at a Business and Entertainment Law Firm in New York. She is currently studying Global Commerce and Economics at Denison University. At Denison, she is a member of the Pre-Law Association.

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