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Big Hassle is No Hassle

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

On this episode of Please Be Advised, we speak with Ken Weinstein and Jim Merlis, co-owners and founders of one of the music industry's leading publicity machines - Big Hassle Media - about business, life, and their adventure through entrepreneurship.

As the publiscist for groups, artists and events like Jack White (whose album BOARDING HOUSE REACH reached No.1 on Billboard recently), Robert Plant, Phish, Bonnaroo, and so many more, Ken and Jim have some great insights to share on business, success, and music.

Check out Big Hassle here:

This episode's panelists:

Jim Merlis

Ken Weinstein

About the Podcast

Please Be Advised is a topical podcast that regularly discusses business, law, and everything in between.

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